What is your style of wedding photography?
The biggest question we get when being interviewed by prospecting wedding couples is: What is your style? Our simple way to describe our style is Candid and beautiful photography. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for emotions. Just look at our albums you will find happiness, tears, surprise etc.
What is your price for photo & video services?
We do not hide our prices. Go to the promo page and you will find our Promos. Starting from $ 1500.00 for a seven hours service up to....
What is Promo Combo photo-video?
Is the combination of two services. Photography and videography. 2 persons working. For a 12 hours service we have included a FREE 3 hours photobooth service for a limited time only.
Can we have the photo booth service only?
Yes, it is possible. But we encourage our customer to take 2 or 3 services in order to take advantage of our Promos.
How many people will be working is I take your 4 services?
For the 4 services – Photo, Video, Dj, Photobooth – a minimum of 4. Conditional to your contract it may be 6. All dress in black with our logo embroided.