FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What's the advantage of hiring a DJ who specializes in weddings?
A wedding reception is a very special type of event. It is not just a party; it is one of the most important, most memorable days of your life.
You don't want anything to go wrong. It requires advance planning, attention to details, and behind-the-scenes coordination to make things go right. An experienced wedding specialist like us provides that - and the peace of mind that goes with it.
Do I need entertainment ?
Entertainment at a wedding is different. You want music that your friends will enjoy and dance to, but you don't want your older relatives to feel excluded.
A wedding specialist like us know how to mix the music so that everyone from your college roommate to your grandmother has a great time.
Why do you cost more than some DJs ?
@ Funfiesta Montreal Wedding DJ services. We don't cut corners with the sound system, original music, the extra set up time, our services, even the attire. . . you pay extra for your "peace of mind"
How much of my budget should be ?
We do offer a fair price - we can provide our phenomenal services to most weddings for between $ 750 to $2,000.
However, only you can decide your wedding budget, and only you can determine how to allocate that budget. It's your choice. Make it an informed choice. Request your quote by filling the form, here.
What is your 8-Hour Package
What we provide is more like a 15-hour package.
We start working for you the moment you hire us, well before the day of your reception. That is one of the marks of a true wedding professional.
You are NOT just hiring us to play music for 8 hours. In addition to our performance time, we also spend many hours meeting and consulting with you, helping you create your reception agenda and fine-tuning all the details, researching and obtaining your special music requests, preparing sequenced music for special moments like your Grand Entrance. Visiting the site of your reception in advance, and arriving at the event early to set up. Typically, we devote 15 HOURS OR MORE to your wedding.
"personalized attention" What does that mean ?
You deal directly with your actual DJ - from "day one." We don't send you an impersonal computer form to fill out. We don't delegate the actual DJ'ing to somebody else.
We meet with you in person. We listen to what you want, offer our suggestions, and together we develop a customized plan for your wedding.