What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography is a style of wedding photography that focuses on capturing spontaneity and natural moments.

This type of photography is often more candid and less posed than other styles of wedding photography, it is commonly referred to as documentary and reportage photography.

If you are looking for a photographer who will be able to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, Click is the right fit for you wedding day. All our packages includes the rehearsal day, also called Love Story album, that will be included in your portfolio.

How Does Documentary Click Montreal Wedding Photography Differ from Other Styles?

Documentary wedding photography is often compared to photojournalism, as both styles seek to capture real-life events as they happen. It is less about posing for a photo, but enjoying the day, forgetting the camera is there, allowing your photographer to be there in the background, capturing moments and the day.

Traditional photography may include group shots, posed couple photos and more formal shots, photos that are set and created, where as documentary photos are taken but not formal or posed, they are candid and real.

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