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If you are looking for photographers who will be able to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, then Click, documentary wedding photographer is the right fit for you.

Documentary wedding photography is a style of wedding photography that focuses on capturing spontaneity. Often, more candid and less posed than other styles.

All our packages includes the photo-video rehearsal two weeks prior the event.

Wedding photographer

Look closely to our sample photos, everybody is happy. Not because we where part of their big day but we like to capture a full of emotions day. We will take the kind of photos that you will look at and love forever.


Wedding videography

We will focus on the moments that will bring the meaning to your story. Bridal and Groom preparations, ceremony , outdoors and party will complete the film in a chronological order.

How we work

Of course everyone needs a few group photos and we will disappear for 20 minutes to grab some guests photos, so you guys can relax together for a minute but we will never have you stood around for hours on end or force you into any cheesy poses. That is why is so important our rehearsal date.

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